As of July 1, 2015, the Online GradStar Data Collection System ceased operation.

Over the past few years, the educational funding landscape in California has changed dramatically. With no targeted state funds to pay for services for expectant/parenting students, fewer and fewer of the original 144 agencies that received Cal-SAFE Program monies have opted to serve this student population and even fewer elected to submit their student and child data or subscribe to keep the online GradStar data collection system alive.

Furthermore, the data needs of districts have changed. We no longer need to collect data to show that the Cal-SAFE Program model results in positive outcomes for expectant/parenting students and their children. We have over 10 years of solid outcome state-wide data that demonstrate the Program's success.
Now, with the implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), the information agencies need is very localized and must be tailored to the goals specified in the school districts' Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAP).

With this need for locally-defined outcome data and the dwindling amount of funds available to operate the state-wide GradStar data collection and analysis effort, the Advisory Work Group (a group of former Cal-SAFE Program coordinators and child/teen advocates) decided to close down the GradStar Online Data Collection System.

The www.gradstar.com webpage will continue to be active, thanks to sponsorship by The Branagh Information Group, the company that wrote the original GradStar software. While the webpage will no longer include the secure online GradStar data entry forms (i.e. Student Enrollment), the webpage will continue to post the GradStar paper forms, along with the Cal-SAFE Program evaluation reports written over the years.