Evaluation Forms and Materials

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Additional Helpful Resources

    In place of the now-discontinued Online GradStar Data Collection System, Brenda LeTendre has a created an Excel template that your agency can use, if you wish, to collect and tabulate certain data elements that you can then use to calculate graduation rates, drop out rates, and CAHSEE pass rates for the expectant and parenting students you serve in the future.

    The file titled LocalGradStarDataEntryV1.xls is the Excel template itself, while the file titled Instructions for Using Local GradStar Data Collection Excel File.doc gives explicit instructions on how to use the template.
    LocalGradStarDataEntryV1.xls Instructions for Using Local GradStar Data Collection Excel File.doc
  • TeenNow California September 24, 2009 Presentation by Brenda LeTendre.
    The three files below include Brenda LeTendre's script, PowerPoint, and handout for her workshop: "Numbers Speak Loud and Clear: Using the Cal-SAFE Program GradStar Database to Advocate for Your Program's Survival. You can customize the script and PowerPoint to use locally as you give presentations about your Cal-SAFE Program. Those who attended the session particularly found Brenda's "stand up-sit down" exercise a highly effective way to help people understand the positive impact the Cal-SAFE Program has had on graduation rates. TeenNOWScript09Sept24Website.doc 09TeenNowPowerPointWebsite.ppt TeenNow2009HandoutWebsite.doc

      Paper Forms:

      • RevisedChildCareEnroll2008-09v2.pdf
        Use this form to enroll a child in child care sponsored by the Cal-SAFE Program or to place a child on a waiting list for a spot in a Cal-SAFE Program child care facility.
      • RevisedChildInfo2008-09v2.pdf
        Complete a Child Information Form on each child the student has birthed or fathered.
      • RevisedExit2008-09Formv4(Dec 08).pdf
        Complete the Student Exit/Withdrawal Form when a student permanently withdraws from your Cal-SAFE Program. You should enter an Exit form into the online GradStar Database ONLY when a student permanently leaves mid-year or at the end of year. You should avoid enrolling, exiting, and reenrolling a student during the same academic year. The GradStar Database is really a data set of all students who have been served for even one day during the year. You do not need to constantly update the online GradStar Database to reflect the exact number of active students you have in your program on a particular day.
      • RevisedPregOutcome2008-09Formv3(Dec 08).pdf
        Complete the Pregnancy Outcome Form once the student (or the students partner) completes her pregnancy. You will need to complete the entire form for a live birth, but only a portion of the form in the case of fetal death.
      • RevisedStudentEnrollv4asofSept09Paper.pdf
        Use this form to enroll a student in your Cal-SAFE Program.
      • REVISEDSupportServ/NeedsAssessmentFormV1Dec08.pdf
        Use this REVISED Needs Assessment/Support Services Form (available in paper version only) for students you enroll to determine and monitor the support services a student will need and has received during the academic year.

        Consent Forms:

        Consent Forms Translated into Spanish

      • Program Participation Form (Student) (7/2001_v2)
      • Program Participation Form (Child) (7/2001_v1)


  • Cal-SAFE Program Evaluation Reports